Mindful Leadership: Can Sports Teach Us Anything That Mindfulness Can’t?


A “Sporting” Conundrum

It was a casual discussion with friends over a delicious meal. There was lots of lively conversation about politics and social issues when the topic turned to sports and their impact on women’s success and leadership abilities. Then the discussion became contentious.

One perspective, expressed by a college advisor, felt the fixation on sports is not helping students in their college and professional pursuits. In fact, this fixation was de-valuing the non-athlete and taking too much time away from intellectual and academic pursuits. The other perspective, expressed by women who had worked in corporate environments, believed in the value of team sports for women’s success. In their view, post-Title IX women had a stronger sense of confidence and better team-building skills that translated to being a better managers and leaders.

The debate, as I found among my friends, can bring out some very strong opinions and passions.

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About YogaUnbound

In developing leadership programs for executives, Gail Mann draws upon her 30 years’ experience in corporate marketing, most recently as the Director of Development Communications and Marketing for Partners HealthCare. A graduate of Simmons School of Management, Gail’s dedication to leadership and management was the driving force in her corporate career and has become the core principal of YogaUnbound. Combining leadership and management principles with yoga and meditation techniques, YogaUnbound’s mission brings mindfulness training to leaders and executives for enhanced decision-making, productivity and stress reduction.
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