About YogaUnbound


Combining leadership and management principles with yoga and meditation techniques, she developed Mindfulness for Leadership and Compassion Program (MLCP) to bring enhanced decision-making, productivity and stress reduction to the workplace.

The MLCP approach and methodology is grounded in leadership principles of the Simmons Leadership Institute, the Institute for Mindful Leadership and the UMASS Medical School’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. A critical guiding principle is emotional intelligence — the ability to silence the internal dialogue and step back to assess, listen and find the stillness to lead our lives with conviction and resilience.

Gail’s corporate career evolved from non-profit and academic corporate/community relations to marketing and management positions for high tech, medical informatics and medical device technologies. Her last official corporate position was serving as the Director of Marketing and Development for Partners Healthcare.

To contact YogaUnbound and find out more about its leadership programs for executive, please email Gail Mann at gailrmann@gmail.com or at 617.512.1559.

Please visit HelloYoga.com to learn more about Gail’s commitment to yoga and mindfulness as a path to living a full life. 

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