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In developing leadership programs for executives, Gail Mann draws upon her 30 years’ experience in corporate marketing, most recently as the Director of Development Communications and Marketing for Partners HealthCare. A graduate of Simmons School of Management, Gail’s dedication to leadership and management was the driving force in her corporate career and has become the core principal of YogaUnbound. Combining leadership and management principles with yoga and meditation techniques, YogaUnbound’s mission brings mindfulness training to leaders and executives for enhanced decision-making, productivity and stress reduction.

Mind-Body Leadership

Numerous business and scientific articles have recently focused on breath work and mind-body explorations for increased effectiveness in the workplace and in navigating the lives we lead. It’s as though the business world has finally caught on to the fact … Continue reading

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The Price of Being a Woman Leader

Over the past two weeks, we witnessed extraordinary testimonials from our diplomatic corps and government professionals during the impeachment inquiry. Their confidence, demeanor and ability to rise to their best under pressure are qualities we seek in our leaders. The … Continue reading

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Leading With Conviction

Beyond all partisan commentary of the last two weeks of testimonies, everyone who heard Fiona Hill can agree that she was formidable and awe-inspiring. New Yorker writer John Cassidy captures the sense of awe I felt as I watched Dr. … Continue reading

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Magnanimity and Leadership

Fiona Hill, Maria Yovanovitch, Alexander Vindman, David Holmes, Laura Cooper, William Taylor, Jennifer Williams and George Kent are to be recognized and honored for following their duty as career diplomats and government professionals to testify in the face of intense … Continue reading

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Discover Effortless Mindfulness and Try These 5 Micro-Practices

A in-depth article and mindful practices from

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Why Grit, Not IQ, Predicts Success

Wisdom from a MacArthur Genius: Psychologist Angela Duckworth on Why Grit, Not IQ, Predicts Success  “Character is at least as important as intellect.” A headline from a recent Brain Pickings newsletter (a simply amazing resource for stimulating our minds) caught … Continue reading

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How Meditation Strengthens Leadership

At a recent introductory Mindfulness for Leadership session, I was taken aback when young man in the audience asked, “What does mindfulness have to do with leadership?” I rattled off all the standard reasons for practicing mindfulness expecting the questioner … Continue reading

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The Day After 11.08.16

I’ve been remiss in posting blogs over this past year having been overwhelmed by the launch of Mountain CommUnity Yoga. Today, though, after the heart-wrenching election of 11.08.16 it’s time to say something. The following comes from a friend, someone … Continue reading

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Give Yourself the Best Day One Drop at a Time

You may have wondered about the “buzz” of essential oils and whether they can make a difference in your life. Looking at a typical day, I’d like to share how using essential oils — one drop at a time — … Continue reading

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Mindfulness from a Prison Cell

Today as we take time to reflect on President Mandela’s life and how he changed history not only for South Africa but truly for the entire world, I’m reposting this blog about two of Mandela’s exceptional leadership qualities: magnanimity and empathy. … Continue reading

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