Mindfulness for Leadership & Compassion


Mindfulness for Leadership & Compassion integrates meditation, breathing techniques and yoga to deepen your mastery of leadership skills. Individual sessions are designed inspire self-discovery, concentration, and inner-awareness. These practices help you uncover and explore your greatness, your strengths and deep intuition.

Mindfulness for Leadership & Compassion is comprised of 6 modules to be implemented on-site. In addition, online videos are available for use in your office environment so you can tap into mindfulness practices when you need them most. Whether presenting to senior management, dealing with a tough negotiation or having just experienced a difficult encounter with a staff member or colleague, the online tools guide you back to a place of stillness to renew our inner strength and equanimity.


Each mindfulness module incorporates mind-body practices that enrich mindfulness by simulating the challenges and encounters you face everyday in the workplace and in your personal life. Much like “muscle memory,” your response to somatic or physical practices becomes part of your “brain memory” that you can draw upon when needed.

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