Mindfulness for Leadership & Resilience

For centuries, yoga has been the foundation of the mind-body connection. The physical practice of asana (yoga poses) has become a mainstay of fitness, but the ancient practice of yoga includes eight limbs or practices with meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) to awaken our inner wisdom. The combination of yoga, meditation and pranayama connects balance, concentration, strength, consciousness and perception to help you uncover and explore your individual greatness.

Mindfulness for Leadership & Resilience brings together meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga asanas, or poses, that can deepen your mastery of leadership skills. Individual sessions are designed inspire self-discovery and awareness of how to bring these skills into your everyday life.
The initial Mindfulness Program is comprised of 6 modules to be implemented on-site. In addition, online vignettes (10 minute video segments) of these modules will be available for use in an office environment. These online videos will provide the ability for you to tap into their practice on an on-demand basis. Whether presenting to senior management, dealing with a tough negotiation or having just experienced a difficult encounter with a staff member or colleague, the online tools guide you back to a place of stillness to renew our inner strength and equanimity.

Mindfulness Articles & Videos:

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