Confidence & Clarity


Using meditation, yoga, and breathing, you’re able to quiet the mind for a steady, laser-like focus and a renewed a sense of self-confidence and assurance. A mindfulness practice provides tools and techniques for developing “balanced” assertiveness and conviction. From decision-making, negotiations, and public speaking, to complex problem solving and challenging organizational issues, mindfulness helps you to let go of preconceptions and find your authentic voice.

Reflect on communication habits –

  • Do you feel you let others “take your voice” away from you by negating what you say or by reiterating your words with more conviction so that listeners only hear this other voice?
  • Do you often talk too much or fall into “chattering” when you’re nervous? Do you say things before you’ve thought about their impact or even their importance to a conversation?

Take time to think about your speech habits and begin to practice asking 3 questions before you speak: (1) “Is this true?” (2) “Is this beneficial?” (3) “Is this the right time to say this?”

Post Session Exercises

Asana Exercise: Practice poses that help you explore your inner intelligence as well uncovering as your “voice” – what you believe in and what you want from your life and career.

  • Uttanasana/forward fold to let go of thinking – feel the weight of the head counterbalanced by lifting the sitting bones and feel thoughts disappear with every exhale.
  • Sit in chair and lift heart and collarbone. Let the head be an extension of the spine – form an arc in the back of the neck. If appropriate for your neck, you can then reach the crown of the head back to let your head rest on top of your shoulders. Bring awareness to throat with the sound of the ujjay breath.
  • Stand in Warrior II pose to feel the strength of your legs and your back body to breathe deeply into your heart, lungs and throat. Let your gaze extend over the middle finger of your extended hand. Focus on the middle finger to quiet the mind with a soft drishti gaze.
  • Hold on to a chair or table to balance in Warrior III. Empty the mind, focus on an object or a point on the wall or floor. Find your focus. Feel your inner strength and conviction to the pose. Open your mouth and exhale a “big hah.”

II. Meditation

Believe in Yourself

Alternate Nostril Meditation and Beyond Consciousness Meditation 
For 3 minutes: See the breath rise through left and descend out the right – in the right and out left. Feel these two lines distinctly – no forcing, just feel. Breath starts 3-4 inches beyond the nose and rises to space between brows behind the forehead. Breathe in left; breathe our right. Breathe in right; breathe out left. Continue in the left, out the right; in right/out left. Be effortless as you observe the breath flowing through each nostril. Feel a sense of relaxation as the ascent and decent of the breath continues.

For the next 3-4 minutes: Move attention to your 3rd eye and beyond your forehead as though you’re watching a movie screen. Completely relax and focus on the empty screen. Do not try to force your attention. Remain perfectly effortless and observe this space before your forehead. Do not worry if you do not see anything. Trying will only get in the way. Just watch the darkness.

As your relaxation becomes more complete, colors and images emerge out of the emptiness. The key is to relax. Just watch and remain an impartial observer.

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