Discipline & Commitment

Discipline and Commitment

The word discipline means “determined efforts,” something valued and cultivated for greater clarity and commitment in all that we do. As leaders, we know the challenge of working on a project, meeting quarterly goals and managing our team.

To begin this modulethink of something that you’re facing right now, or will face in the near future, that will require strength and determination. As we proceed through the asana sequences and meditations, you’ll be reminded to come back this “challenge” so that you can internalize and physically experience this challenges and, at the same time, observe your reactions.

Post Session Exercises

I.  3-Minute Breathing Exercise

II Asana Exercise: Practice poses that give you a sense of strength and balance — for example:

  • Tadasana/Mountain Pose — Feel aligned, balanced and strong. Close your eyes and gently inhale/exhale for 5 breaths. Then fold forward and allow the torso to extend over your legs. Release the head and lengthen the spine. Roll up after 3 deep breaths.  Repeat Mountain Pose and Forward Bend after each standing pose sequence.
  • Virabhadrasana/Warrior I  — As you raise arms overhead, feel the your strength and commitment to your beliefs, goals and any challenges you may be facing. Repeat on left leg.
  • Vrksasana/Tree Pose — Notice the confidence in your pose when in the standing leg is aligned and strong. Explore lengthening your spine, finding a backbend in the upper back and engaging your core strength to find more ease and lightness, brightness.
  • Virabhadrasana/Warrior III — As you hold Warrior Three, return to the commitment and strength of Warrior One as you extend your energy from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Imagine Warrior III as your action pose when execute what you need to do in order to achieve your goals or overcome obstacles.

III. Meditation

Stilling the Lake of the Mind (16:51) 


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