Quieting the Mind Meditation

III. Quieting the Mind Meditation (10 minutes)

Initial 2-3 minutes Breathe slowly. Let the length of your inhale match or exceed the length of your exhale. Observe your breath and feel the calming sensation of the flow of the your breath.

  • Take awareness to both nostrils and flow of breath from nostrils to 3rd eye (the space between your eyebrows)– observe and feel the breath
  • Move attention to 3rd eye and now take breath to 3rd eye center (center of brain behind 3rd eye). Let breath flow back and forth from 3rd eye to 3rd eye center. Calm the frontal cortex as the breath moves back and forth.

Come into Lake of the Mind Stillness

Next 3-4 minutes

  • Picture a quiet lake in the crown of the head. Mind is like lake: when quiet, it’s clear; ripples arise with thoughts. Exhale each thought as it arrives – quiet the ripples and return to the stillness of the lake of the mind.
  • Once the lake is calm, visualize a full moon resting, seated at the back of the head. Meditate on the full moon. Let it penetrate the head, mind, thought…feel the divine presence of the moon.

Remaining 3-4 minutes

  • See a bright ray of moonlight over the lake of the mind. See the rays coming through space from the back of the head to radiate out through the 3rd eye to infinity.
  • Keep surrendering to the moonlight – your brilliance and intelligence — flowing out to 3rd eye and drawing back to the lake of the mind and to the back of the head.

Stilling the Lake of the Mind 

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