Inner Awareness & Creativity


We all experience questioning and challenges when trying to innovate and bring about new, creative ideas. We often feel frustration and defeat when we cannot convince our management and colleagues about something we strongly believe in or something we intuitively know. Through the physical demands of an asana and meditation practice, you can observe and explore your inner responses and habits of thought when faced with this type of frustration.

  • How do you respond when you find the pose difficult? When you find it easy? Through deeper awareness and assessment, you’ll be able to identify your strengths, learn what you need to do when you feel resistance and obstacles to new ideas, innovation and your creative approach to problem solving.


I.  Believe in Yourself Meditation(3:07)

II.  Select Your Mantra

III. Asana Practice

Seated twist and backbends on chair.

  • Right side: sitting on the edge of your chair, cross right leg and bring ankle to knee. Please left hand on outer right knee and right hand behind your torso and gently twist to left. Take 3-4 breaths — slowly inhale and exhale repeating your mantra on each exhale. Come back to center and forward fold (adjust as needed and do both sides).
  • Holding sides of chair, lift heart chakra to find backbend in upper back 3X. Lift off chair as appropriate to deepen backbend. Absorb your mantra into your heart on each inhale.
  • Notice sensations throughout our spine, hips, legs during the sequence. In opening the heart in a backbend, feel lightness in our minds, a sense of well-being.

Be more sensitive, more conscious, more aware —not just of our bodies but also of our minds, feelings, emotions, and our very nature. The real value of asana practice is that it can teach us to tune in and truly feel.

 Virabhadrasana (Warrior) II moving into Trikonasana (Triangle)

While in Warrior II, draw energy to core and feel the strength of this pose. Squeeze leg muscles and draw energy up from the feet to the hips. Look out beyond the middle finger of your right hand with a drishti gaze. Feel grounded and expansive at the same time.

Straighten front leg and extend torso over front leg to placed hand on front leg or floor. Lengthen along both side of your body as your lift your left arm overhead. Extend in all direction. Feel your core strength and allow your inner self to expand and extend. Say and feel your mantra.

Come back to Warrior II and then straighten legs. Turn feet parallel to each other and extend torso over legs; place hands on floor and draw energy into midline to rest and restore strength.

Repeat on left leg.

 Trikonasana (Triangle) to Warrior II to Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon)

From Trikonasana, bend right front knee and come into Warrior II. Shift weight into front leg with left hand on hip and place right hand on table or 6-8” forward and outside of right foot. Find balance. Feel the grounding and security of the standing leg to feel energy through your arm and extending leg.

Perhaps take the hand off the table or chair to balance. Like a cantilever, feel the security and strength of this pose to extend in all directions. Think about how you can take this pose into your everyday life – how can you extend beyond your center of gravity to express yourself with the grandeur and intelligence that you have within yourself? Can you feel your mantra throughout your body and mind?

Repeat on left leg.

Closing Meditation 

In addition, below is the Yoga Nidra (Body Scan) meditation that we did at the end of Sunday’s session. Because of its length (27:06) and recommended reclining position,  you may find the best time to practice this meditation is when you awake in the morning or just before you go to sleep. 

Yoga Nidra 


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