Power of Mantra

The Power of Mantra to Support Our Determination and Commitment  (mantra: man=to think; tra=beyond boundaries, limitations.)

Incorporating a mantra in your meditation and mindful yoga practice provides something to focus on to keep out thoughts as you quiet your mind – as thoughts come in, use the mantra on an exhale to quiet and calm the mind or to bring the characteristics and qualities of the mantra into your life to unfold and empower you. You can use a word you know or something you aspire to: clam, love, joy, gratitude

Sanskrit mantra can take you beyond realms of your everyday world:

  • RAM: to develop positive attitude, strength, self confidence
  • SOM: if you suffer from exhaustion, anxiety, excess energy, say the word SOM to bring a sense of peacefulness
  • AIM: to increase inspiration, learning and exploration
  • SOHOM: awaken clarity, fearlessness about what you want and need to do
  • OM: peace. Connect to the universe and the infinite

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