Yoga for Executive Women

Of all the leadership challenges women face, perhaps the greatest is finding and establishing a unique style of leading, individual to them. To grow their organizations through innovative and creative ideas, such a style is essential to enable women to communicate and reflect their passions and beliefs.

YogaUnbounnd for Executive Women builds yoga practices that inspire self-discovery and awareness. You’re presented challenging asana sequences to experience and observe your reactions to challenging situations. You’ll have routine, easy sequences requiring focus and being present.

By facilitating engaging, relevant, sequential yoga asanas, you have the opportunity to deepen your mastery of leadership skills through reflection and transference. YogaUnbound helps women executives and leaders achieve their potential and develop the leadership skills you need to motivate your skills and the skills that will help advance your career and achieve your personal best.

On-Site Yoga Programs
Personal Yoga Coach
• One-on-one private sessions

10-week programs available on-site or at appropriate and easily accessible location to your office
• Small, personalized classes
• Integration of leadership metaphors
• Weekly classes designed to explore yoga for strength, balance and focus

Corporate Retreats
Retreats for leadership teams are an ideal platform for integrating the practice and metaphors of yoga with your organizational challenges. Begin each day with a stimulating yoga class to awaken the body and focus the mind on the goals and objectives of the retreat. End each day with a quiet meditation and restorative yoga to objectively observe and step back from decisions and discussions that took place throughout the day.
• Yoga classes incorporate metaphors of leadership and decision-making
• Restorative practices provide a platform for enhanced resiliency and quieting of the mind
• Meditation and breathing techniques are reinforced for ongoing practice on and off the mat

Executive Women’s R&R Weekends
Executive women’s R&R weekends reinforce collaboration, trust and interdependence. The combination of yoga and meditation with athletic endeavors such as hiking, rock climbing, golf/tennis and kayaking demonstrates the benefits of balancing physical and mental endeavors.

Begin each day with a stimulating yoga practice followed by a healthy brunch. Then it’s off for a day of activity. Reconvene in late afternoon for gentle yoga and meditation followed by a casual hors d’oeuvres and drinks before retiring and resting
A customized program that includes event planning:
• Site selection with appropriate lodging
• Selection of athletic activities and certified instructors/leaders
• In-house chef; locavore meals whenever possible and appropriate
• Massage and other mind-body services as requested

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