Recorded Yoga and Barre/Barreless Fitness Classes

YogaUbound Monday Flow: Focus on the Core 03.15.21
Sunday Flow — Vinyasa at Its Best! Be sure to start with a rolled blanket bolster either vertically to rest the spine from waist up (support head as well) or at the tips of the shoulder blades with the head supported.
Kundalini Flow for Focus, Compassion and Strength
Some new routines and the best of our regular practice.
Energetic and mindful flow with backbends and standing balance sequences.
Barreless Fitness: Work on new routines to be refined over the next couple of weeks.
Great class for tennis players golfers and paddlers. Relax and strengthen your shoulders mindfully and safely.
Monday/July 17 Focus on Quads and Hips

A wonderful, mindful flow to deeply stretch and strengthen your body and mind.
Barre Class — Move and Strengthen
Best of Sunday Flow and the Monday Foundations Class. Enjoy!
Barreless Fitness — move and strengthen
Adding a couple of new poses to our repertoire
Move mindfully with the breath.

Barreless Fitness

Gentle Flow
Gentle Yoga
A fun barre class. Enjoy!
Chanting a mantra and moving with ujay breath for a meditative flow.
Move, strengthen and have fun.
Stretching and caring for hamstrings, quads and knees.
Deep yin stretches, restorative shavasana and yoga nidra.
Move and relax with the breath.
A tad vigorous. Lots of core and upper body sequences.
Strength and Grace: Lots of “stira”(strength) balanced with graceful “suka” (ease).

Strengthen upper body, hips, legs and core with free weights and combination leg/hip, core and upper body sequences.

Flow with the Ease of the Water Element